Gujarati celebrities who converted to Buddhism

Today, many Indian celebrities follow Buddhism. These celebrities have left their family religion and converted to Buddhism. Talent has nothing to do with religion. Dutiful people succeed on the strength of their hard work, and this can include many Gujarati people. – Gujarati Buddhist celebrities in India

 इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ें 

The number of Buddhist celebrities in Indian cinema (especially Bollywood and cinema of South Indian) might surprise you. Some of these celebrities were born into households who practice the Buddhist religion, while others converted later in life. This list contains information about Gujarati celebrities who are Buddhist.

Buddhist population in Gujarat : As per 2011 census, there are 30,483 Buddhists in Gujarat state. However, the number of converts to Buddhism is increasing in the state. There should be around 70,000 Buddhists in Gujarat in 2018. By 2022, the Buddhist population in Gujarat should be around 1,00,000.

Why do Indian people convert to Buddhism ? Buddhist philosophy makes human life happy that’s why celebrities are turning to Buddhism. The main reason for embracing or converting to Buddhism is self-respect. The ambitions of the educated Dalit youth are strong. At the same time, many Dalit youths are on the verge of leaving Hinduism due to lack of prestige. Attacks on members of the Dalit community are also a major factor in the conversion to Buddhism.

Buddhist Celebrities from Gujarat : We are going to know about some famous Gujarati celebrities who have converted to Buddhism. ‌These Gujarati Buddhist celebrities are known for their outstanding performances. Many celebrities from Indian politics, TV and Cinema (Bollywood and South Indian cinema) have also converted to Buddhism.


Gujarati Buddhist celebrities

1. Deeksha Joshi

Dhollywood and Bollywood Actress Deeksha Joshi is a Buddhist practitioner.

Deeksha Joshi, a beautiful actress from the Gujarati film industry, is a follower of Buddhism. She has acted in many Gujarati films and also in a few Hindi films. She was born in 1992 in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and later her family moved to Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

The Dhollywood actor who has been following Nichiren Buddhism for a few years now has ever since been grateful for everything around her. She had revealed in her social media post that she is practicing Nichiren Buddhism. On February 17, 2020, Deeksha wrote in her post –

#WordThatDefinesToday ‘FAITH’ – As a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, faith, practice and study form the 3 main pillars. Today, I will tell you a little about Faith.

Faith, is grounded in the experience of applying Buddhism and seeing improvements in the quality of your life. It is an ongoing effort to orient one’s heart toward the ideals of Buddhahood. Like, bringing out your inherent potential for good, or the ability to transform any negative circumstance into a source of growth and benefit, and a life dedicated toward helping others do the same.

Nothing is impossible, if you have FAITH.

#NichirenBuddhism (sources – 1,  2,  3)

famous gujarati celebrities


2. Vinay Jain

Hindi TV actor Vinay Jain is a Buddhist.

Renowned TV actor Vinay Jain, who has acted in Hindi TV serials, is a Gujarati Buddhist celebrity. He follows Nichiren Buddhism. He said,

“Practicing Buddhism is a major priority in my life. Amid working for various projects, I make sure I squeeze in enough time for it. Practicing it involves lot of chanting Nichiren Buddhism.”

Vinay Jain feels that her entire life and outlook has changed because of this “wonderful practice (of Buddhism) that has brought joy and freedom into my life.” (sources – 12)

indian celebrities who follow buddhism


3. Dipna Patel

Dipna Patel is a Buddhist actress

Dipna Patel, a Gujarati film actress, is also a follower of Nichiren Buddhism. She has also acted in many plays, Gujarati TV serials, and films. In an interview, actress Dipna Patel said,

“I believe in Buddhism and read about it, which gives me peace of mind. Because of a friend of mine, I believe in this philosophy. This philosophy gives me a lot of peace. We talk mantras in this, study and pray for another. When we join an organization, we pray for peace and happiness. This changed my life drastically. …” (source)

The actress told about how the corona pandemic has changed their definition of ‘being happy’. She said,

”The pandemic has taught me not to take things for granted. As I have been into spirituality and follow Nichiren’s Buddhist philosophy for eight years, I always knew where true happiness lies. To be happy, the most integral thing is to not let your happiness depend on other people and future possibilities.” (source)

Indian celebrities who converted to Buddhism


4. Manav Gohil

Manav Gohil is a Buddhist actor

Bollywood actor Manav Gohil, who has appeared in many TV serials and films, has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for 18 years. His wife Shweta Kawatra also practices Buddhism. Manav said that,

We (Shweta & I) have started following Buddhism, there is an inner peace that engulfs us and we are much positive and happier people now. (sources – 1,  2,  3

We started embracing it (Buddhist practice) and slowly everything around us was changing, it was magical, to be honest. Practicing Buddhism is a fantastic spiritual exercise. It has undoubtedly changed the trajectory of my life. (source)

When I was struggling as an actor for around four years, chanting helped me a lot as my happiness quotient was high. It kept me away from depression, delusion and other negative thoughts and allowed me to accept and re-discover myself. (source)

New names are constantly added to this post, and this post is always updated. However, if you think any name should be on this list write it (with references) in the comment box.

On Dhamma Bharat site, there are over 70 Buddhist celebrities in India, and you will find their information in the following different articles.


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