50 Famous Buddhist Celebrities in Indian Cinema and Television

Know about 50 famous Buddhist celebrities in the Indian cinema, and other entertainment industries in India. – famous buddhist celebrities in india

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Buddhist Celebrities
Buddhist Celebrities in India

Famous Indian Buddhist actors & singers

Buddha Purnima is celebrated in the world as the birthday of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. On the occasion of this Buddha Purnima (May 26, 2021), Know 50 famous Buddhist celebrities in the Indian film – entertainment industries. Mainly actors and singers have included in this list. There are probably a lot more famous Buddhist people than you realise. This is a list of Indian Buddhist famous figures, featuring well-known individuals who practice or have heavily studied Buddhism. Buddhism is a philosophy and religion based on the teachings of the Buddha.

Buddhist celebrities in BollywoodBollywood is popular all over the world for Hindi movies. However, films are made in about 24 different languages in India. This article covers Buddhist celebrities from all these film industries in India. Many of these Buddhist celebrities are from Buddhist background, some celebrities converted to Buddhism, while most of the celebrities practice Buddhism. The celebrities follow different Buddhist traditions. Maharashtra’s Marathi Buddhist celebrities are followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s ‘Navayana’ Buddhism.

There are plenty of famous Indian Buddhists. Beloved bollywood Star Ayushmann Khurrana is Buddhist, as is Danny Denzongpa and Tusshar Kapoor. Hansika Motwani and Shraddha Das are both known Buddhist actresses. Pa. Ranjith is one of the Buddhist directors. Did you know that Indian TV stars like Pracheen Chauhan, Shivani Gosain, Nakul Mehta, and Ravi Dubey are followers of Buddhism?

Wondering who are the notable celebrities in the Indian entertainment industries who are followers of Buddhism? Here is a list of 50 celebrities :



50 Buddhist Celebrities in India

1. Mandakini

buddhist celebrity Mandakini
Getty Images

Mandakini (born 1963) is a former Bollywood actress. She is best remembered for her role in the 1985 movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili. She was born in an Anglo-Indian family in Meerut.

Her father, Joseph is British and her mother is Muslim. In 1990, She married a former Buddhist monk, Dr. Kagyur T. Rinpoche, and has embraced Buddhism. She now runs a Tibetan herbal center in Mumbai. Also teaches Tibetan Yoga. In her short film career, the actress has acted in over 40 films. (sources1, 2)


2. Tusshar Kapoor

Getty Images

Tusshar Kapoor (born 1976) is an Indian actor and producer who appears in Hindi films. He is a follower of Buddhism. He opened up about the new phase of his life, and his take on Buddhism, in a chat with an entertainment website. ​

Tusshar said, “I think a lot of it is also due to Buddhism. I am a follower of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. I chant, I study and the book I am reading right now is called ‘Human Revolution’. It makes you sorted and a nice person in a way. The negativity from your life evaporates and you start focusing on what is important to you, your immediate family and your priorities become very clear.(sources – 1, 2) indian celebrities following nichiren buddhism


3. Tisca Chopra

buddhist celebrity Tisca Chopra
Getty Images

Tisca Chopra (born 1973) is an Indian actress, author and film producer. She has acted in over 45 feature films in different languages. She follows Nichiren Buddhism and claims that it has increased her faith in humanity. She feels that Buddhism is a philosophy of great hope and self-actualisation which is very necessary for modern life. She also chants the mantra Nam MyoHo Renge Kyo every day.

Tisca Chopra says, “Buddhist philosophy answers all questions about life that I ever had, in the most complete way.” She introduced several other television colleagues to the philosophy including Manav Gohil and Shweta Kawatra. She said, “I am sure life will pose many questions in the future but now I am certain, I will never be without answers. Buddhism makes me deeply confident in my existence.” (source – 1, 2, 3, 4) Bollywood Celebs Interested in Buddhism 


4. Vinay Jain


Vinay Jain is an Indian television actor. He has worked in several television shows including Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon KiChotti BahuKuch Toh Log KahengeAur Pyaar Ho Gaya etc. Vinay Jain is a follower of Buddhism.

He said, “Practicing Buddhism is a major priority in my life. Amid working for various projects, I make sure I squeeze in enough time for it. Practicing it involves lot of chanting Nichiren Buddhism.” Vinay Jain feels that her entire life and outlook has changed because of this “wonderful practice (of Buddhism) that has brought joy and freedom into my life”. (sources – 1, 2) buddhist celebrities in india


5. Poonam Joshi

buddhist actress poonam joshi

Poonam Joshi (born 1980) is an Indian television actress. She has performed in TV shows such as BhabhiKahaani Ghar Ghar KiiKahiin To HogaSaat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar. This actress is also a follower of Buddhism. Poonam Soni, who has been practicing Buddhism for the last eight years, was introduced to Buddhism by her daughter Kirti. (source1, 2) buddhist celebrities in india



6. Ayushmann Khurrana

buddhist actors in marathi
Getty Images

Ayushmann Khurrana (born 1984) is an Indian actor, singer, writer and television host who works in Hindi films. He is a follower of Nichiren Buddhism. His wife, Tahira Kashyap also practices Nichiren Buddhism. Ayushmann is the recipient of several awards, including a National Film Award and four Filmfare Awards. He is one of the Highest paid actors in India. He has appeared in Forbes India‘s Celebrity 100 list of 2013 and 2019. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020.

Ayushmann Khurrana and his wife Tahira Kashyap are followers of Nichiren Buddhism, which has provided the fuel to fight their battles against cancer. Buddhism has also helped Khurrana articulate his journey as an actor better. “I practice Nichren Buddhism. It has taught me that you have to be mentally strong. It has an impact on your physical being. It (cancer) was a minor frustration for me. But I accepted it truly. I decided that I will not live in denial and hide it from the world,” says Tahira, who was detected with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) with high grade malignant cells last year. (sources – 1, 2, 3, 4)


7. Shibani Kashyap

buddhist celebrity
NDA India

Shibani Kashyap (born 1979) is an Indian singer, who is actively working in Bollywood film industry. She has Judged a reality singing show named Bathroom Singer. Shibani feels that Buddhism has made her a happier person. “Of course, the material rewards came with the practice but for me the real reward was being able to connect with my inner self.” Shibani whose belief in Nichiren Buddhism has strengthened over the years points out that a sizeable portion of the industry. (sources1, 2) Celebrities who converted to Buddhism


8. Siddharth Jadhav


Siddharth Jadhav (born 1981) is a Marathi actor and comedian. He has acted in television, Marathi and Hindi films. He also acted in a Bengali movie named Ami Subhash Bolchi. This actor with a Buddhist background is very popular in Maharashtra. He had once said in an interview that he came from a Buddhist community that believed in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Siddharth Jadhav is one of the leading Buddhist actors in Marathi cinema. Buddhist celebrities in India   Famous Marathi Buddhists


9. Sweta Keswani

Getty Images

Sweta Keswani (born 1983) is an Indian film actress, dancer and model, who is known for her roles in Hindi TV shows, Bollywood films and TV commercials. Shweta says, “There are many branches of Buddhism but essentially Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism that I practice is a religion for the 21st century. It is a process of transforming the self by chanting a mantra and through that changing not only ourselves for the better but our environment as well. Chanting gives me the clarity to see what action I should take and how I can make both myself and the people around me happier and more fulfilled.” (source – 1, 2) buddhist actors in india


10. Adarsh Shinde

Strar pravah

Adarsh Shinde (born 1988) is an Indian playback singer. He records Ambedkarite songs (Bhim Geete) and Marathi language film songs. He comes from the Buddhist community in Maharashtra which believes in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. He is one of the leading singers in Marathi folk songs and Marathi films. Adarsh Shinde is a member of the Shinde family who preserves the legacy of the Ambedkarite movement through Bhim Geet (Bhim’s songs). He is carrying on the legacy of veteran singers like grandfather Pralhad Shinde, father Anand Shinde and uncle Milind Shinde.


11. Shweta Kawatra

Shweta Kawatra - Buddhist actors in Marathi
Getty Images

Shweta Kawatra (born 1976) is an Indian film actress, model and television presenter. She practices Buddhism and is a member of the Soka Gakkai of Japanese Buddhism. She is married to TV actor Manav Gohil. She was suffering from baby blues when she became a mother, but Buddhism helped her a lot to recover from this problem. At this stage of her life, Buddhism saved her. “Practising Buddhism helped me a lot; I would chant whenever I felt I needed strength. I was able to elevate my own life conditions and balance everything at one time and be happy,” says Shweta. (sources1, 2, 3) Buddhist celebrities   


12. Manav Gohil

buddhist actors Manav Gohil and and Shweta Kwatra
Manav Gohil and Shweta Kawatra (Getty Images)

Manav Gohil (born 1974) is an Indian television actor. He has been active in the Hindi film industry for more than a decade and is best known for his roles in Hindi television shows, including the soap opera Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, the dance reality show Nach Baliye 2, the crime drama C.I.D., and the drama Shaadi Mubarak. He is married to TV actress Shweta Kawatra. The couple follows Nichiren Buddhism. (sources – 1, 2)


13. Hansika Motwani

indian buddhist actress Hansika Motwani
Getty Images

Hansika Motwani (born 1991) is an Indian actress who mainly appears in Tamil films, alongside Telugu and Hindi films. She made her film debut in Telugu cinema with Desamuduru (2007) and became the recipient of numerous accolades, including a Filmfare Award. Hansika Motwani follows Buddhism. She was quoted as saying in an interview, “The best way to effectively de-stress for me is to chant – Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, as I strongly follow Buddhism.” Chanting has helped her personally and professionally. Hansika Motwani is one of the famous Buddhist actresses in South India. (source – 1)


14. Danny Denzongpa

Buddhist actor Danny Denzongpa
Sukree Sukplang/Reuters

Tshering Phintso “Danny” Denzongpa (born 25 February 1948) is an Indian actor, singer and film director who primarily works in Hindi films. He has acted in over 190 films since 1971. In 2003, Denzongpa was awarded the Padma Shree, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour. His film career spans more than 4 decades. He was born into a Buddhist family in Sikkim, and still practices Buddhism.

He is one of the most senior Buddhist actors in India. In an interview, Danny Denzongpa said, “I credit my parents and teachers for my upbringing and Buddhism. People call it a religion today but it is really a philosophy. I try to find peace in my work. I never rush into things.” (Source)

Indian celebrities who practice Buddhism


15. Shraddha Das

shraddha das buddhist actress
Getty Images

Shraddha Das (born 1989) is an Indian film actress, model and singer who appeared in different film industries like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam. Shraddha follow Buddhism and she has revealed that another bubbly beauty Poonam Bajwa has introduced her to Buddhism. In an interview, she described herself as a Buddhist.

The lockdown across Maharashtra to combat the second wave of COVID-19 has affected the celebrities as much as the man in the street. Shraddha Das, who is currently in Mumbai, says she’s having a tough time, but Buddhist chants are helping her cope with the situation. “Those 20 days were a test of endurance, and the anxiety took a lot out of me.” Shraddha says she has been practicing Buddhism, and if it hadn’t been for this, she would have gone crazy. “It (Buddhism) gave me a different perspective about life and made me stronger.” “I chant Nam myoho renge kyo. It gives me peace, strength and makes me stay composed,” she shares. (sources – 1, 2, 3)

Famous Buddhist actresses  


16. Bhau Kadam


Bhalchandra ‘Bhau’ Kadam (born 1970) is a Marathi theatre and film actor. He is known as a comedian, particularly when working in commercial Marathi cinema and drama. He is a lead actor in this entertaining Marathi TV show Chala Hawa Yeu Deya. He was born in a Buddhist family in Maharashtra. When Kadam installed Ganesh, a Hindu deity, in his house in 2017, some Buddhists reminded him that his action was against the 22 Buddhist vows administered by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. He then removed the idol and apologized to the Marathi Buddhist community. He is one of the leading Marathi comedians in India.

Famous Buddhist actors


17. Akshara Haasan

buddhist actress akshara haasan
Getty Images

Akshara Haasan (Born 1991) is an Indian film actress who has appeared in Hindi and Tamil-language films. She is the daughter of actor Kamal Haasan, and the younger sister of Shruti Haasan. She follows Buddhism and describes it as “a way of life and in an individuals way of life”.

Buddhist actors in tollywood


18. Abhijeet Sawant

Buddhist singers in India abhijeet sawant
Getty Images

Abhijeet Sawant (born 1981) is an Indian singer, television actor, anchor and the winner of Indian Idol (Season 1). He was the first runner up of Clinic All Clear – Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and finished third in Asian Idol. Born into a Marathi Buddhist family in Mumbai, Abhijeet is an amazing singer. He sings Hindi and Marathi songs. buddhist celebrities


19. Vaishali Mhade

Vaishali-Mhade-buddhist celebrity
News Bugz

Vaishali Mhade (Born 1984) is an Indian singer and winner of Zee TV’s reality series, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009. She sings primarily in Marathi language. She was born in a poor Buddhist family in Khartalegaon in Amravati district, Maharashtra. She has sung in both Hindi and Marathi language films. Mhade won the 2008 television show ‘Saregamp’ as the best singer. She also won the Hindi Saregmap show. She mainly sings in Marathi language. He has sung many songs and Bheem songs in Marathi cinema. buddhist celebrities in india


Indian celebs that converted to Buddhism

20. Nandesh Umap

buddhist singer nandesh umap

Nandesh Umap is a Marathi singer and folk artist. He is the son of Shahir Vitthal Umap. He is a follower of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thought and Buddhism. His father had officially converted to Buddhism, which has had the same effect on Nandesh. He is a Marathi Buddhist singer and folk artist from Maharashtra. Buddhist singers in India

buddhist celebrities in bollywood


21. Surekha Punekar

marathi buddhist Surekha Punekar

Surekha Punekar (Born 1978) is an Indian folk artist known for her Lavani performances. She is known as ‘Lavani Samrajni’. She has introduced many Marathi Lavanies which have become very popular among the people. Surekha Punekar is a follower of Buddhism.

buddhist celebrities in bollywood


22. Paddy Kamble

buddhist celebrities in marathi
Times of India

Pandharinath ‘Paddy’ Kamble is a Marathi actor and comedian. He has acted in many films and comedy shows. He comes from a Marathi Buddhist family in Maharashtra. He is one of the Buddhist actors in the Marathi film industry.


23. Kadubai Kharat

buddhist celebrities in marathi kadubai kharat

Kadubai Kharat is a Marathi folk singer. She mainly sings Bhim Geete (Ambedkarite songs). Some of the popular Bhim songs she has sung are “Bhiman Maay Sonyan Bharli Oti”, “Tumhi Khaata Tya Bhakarivar”, “Kunku Lavil Raman”, “Aamcha Master Shikavato” etc. Kadubai was born in Matang Dalit caste, but she took initiation in Buddhism. She is one of the most famous Buddhist celebrities from Maharashtra. (source)


24. Gagan Malik

buddhist actor gagan malik

Gagan Malik (born 1982 ) is an Indian actor and Buddhist activist. He won the Best Actor Award in the World Buddhist Film Festival organised by the United Nations for his role as lord Buddha in “Sri Siddhartha Gauthama“. Malik is also known for his leading role as lord Rama in Ramayan TV serial. He is one of the celebrities who converted to Buddhism.

Gagan Malik was born in a Hindu family, but converted to Buddhism in 2014 on the occasion of Posan Poya Day in Mihintel, Sri Lanka. He becomes a Buddhist monk for 15 days at Wat Dat Thong in Bangkok, Thailand on February 10, 2022. He considers Emperor Ashoka, who spread the Buddhism in the world, and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who revived the Buddhism in India, as his role models. He says that the greeting ‘Namo Buddhay‘ is never complete without ‘Jai Bhim‘. (source)


25. Usha Jadhav

Indian Bollywood actress Usha Jadhav (Photo credit should read ARUN SANKAR/AFP via Getty Images)

Usha Jadhav (born 1984) is an Indian film actress who predominantly works in Marathi and Hindi language films. She is best known for her role in the 2012 Marathi film Dhag for which she won National Film Award for Best Actress at the 60th National Film Awards. In 2019, she received the IFFI Best Actor Award (Female) at the 50th International Film Festival of India for her work in Mai Ghat : Crime No 103/2015. Usha Jadhav is a Marathi Buddhist actress who is also heavily influenced by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. In 2020, on Ambedkar Jayanti, she had said that she believed in Babasaheb’s teachings and ideology. Buddhist Celebrities in India 


Buddhist Celebrities in India

26. Sambhulal Chakma

Sambhulal-Chakma buddhist celebrity
Sambhulal Chakma Tweeter

Sambhulal Chakma (Born 1989) is a Chakma singer and politician representing Chawmanu in the Tripura Legislative Assembly. He came from Chakma Buddhist community. famous buddhist celebrities


27. Megha Ghadge

buddhist actress

Megha Ghadge (born 1980) is an Indian actress and dancer, who works mainly in the Marathi film industry. She made her acting debut with Maherchi Maaya (2007). She is a Marathi Buddhist actress in Indian cinema. Megha, who specializes in Lavani dance, has performed Lavani in many films. She has acted in many films like Pachaadlela, Pipat, Maherchi Maya, Chal Dhar Pakad. She has also danced in the famous dance show on Zee Marathi called ‘Ekapeksha Ek Apsara Aali’. She is currently running a dance class called ‘Megh Malhar’.

What movie stars are Buddhist? Which actors are Buddhist?


28. Meiyang Chang

Buddhist actor Meiyang Chang
Getty Images

Meiyang Chang (born 1982) is an Indian actor, television host, singer, and dentist. He is a third-generation Indo-Chinese, originally from Hubei Province, China. He was born into a Buddhist family in Jharkhand and considers himself a Buddhist. famous buddhist celebrities


29. Sheetal Sathe

buddhist singers in india

Sheetal Sathe (born 1986) is a Marathi folk singer, writer, and Dalit rights activist. She is a famous and important singer of Kabir Kala Manch and Navayana Mahajalsa. She was born in a Matang (Dalit) family. She believes in the Buddha Dhamma inspired by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Her art forum Navayana Mahajalsa is named after Navayana Buddhism, re-interpretation of Buddhism by Ambedkar. Her husband Sachin Mali is also a poet and activist. Celebrities who converted to Buddhism


30. Milind Shinde

buddhit celebrities
tv9 Marathi

Milind Shinde (born 1962) is a Marathi singer from Maharashtra. He is famous for Ambedkarite songs, Buddhist songs, devotional songs, and film songs. Inspired by Babasaheb Ambedkar, his family was initiated into Buddhism. Celebrities who converted to Buddhism


31. Seema Patil

Buddhist celebrities

Seema Patil is a Marathi folk songwriter, poet (shaheer), and actress. He has done more than 6,000 experiments so far. Shahir Seema Patil was born in a Hindu OBC family. But influenced by the thoughts of Buddha and Babasaheb Ambedkar, she took initiation of Buddhism on 20 October 2020 on the day of Ashoka Vijaya Dashami. This was the day on which Babasaheb also adopted Buddhism in 1956. (source)


32. Anand Shinde

tv9 Marathi

Anand Shinde (born 1965) is a Marathi singer from Maharashtra. He is famous for Ambedkarite songs, Buddhist songs, devotional songs, and film songs. He has sung more than a thousand songs and has sung in 250+ films. Inspired by Babasaheb Ambedkar, his family was initiated into Buddhism. buddhist singers

indian buddhist celebrities


33. Barkha Madan


Barkha Madan (Born 1974) is a former Indian model, film actress and film producer who has appeared in Hindi and Punjabi language films. She has also been Miss India finalist. Impressed by Buddhist ideologies, in November 2012 she had her ordination to become a Buddhist nun.

In an interview after becoming a nun, she said, “The fundamental of Buddha Dhamma is based on love, compassion, and equanimity. For that matter whether you believe this religion or that religion, we human beings are equal, who need to learn to co-exist. With fear, harmony is impossible. We need trust. Trust is the basis of compassion. Distrust brings fear. Fear brings violence. Fear brings loneliness and depression. We all come from the same place. We have to learn to respect the source. (Source) buddhist celebrities in india


34. Utkarsh Shinde

 buddhist celebrities

Dr. Utkarsh Shinde (born 1986) is a singer and musician from Maharashtra. He has sung many Ambedkarite songs [Bhimgeete], film songs and folk songs, as well as composed many songs. He is the son of singer Anand Shinde and the elder brother of Adarsh Shinde. buddhist singers


35. Pracheen Chauhan

buddhist actor Pracheen Chauhan

Pracheen Chauhan (born 1978) is an Indian television actor. He made his television debut with the Star Plus popular show Kasautii Zindagii Kay. After that, he did Kuchh Jhuki PalkainSinndoor Tere Naam Ka, Saat Phere. This actor follows Buddhism. (source) famous buddhist celebrities


36. Shivani Gosain

buddhist actors in marathi
Times of India

Shivani Gosain (born 1975) is an Indian television actress, who has acted in TV serials like Jai Ganga Maiya, Jai Mahalakshmi, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Rang Badalti Odhani, Love U Zindagi and Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage. Moreover, she has also appeared in episodics of Ssshhhh… Koi Hai. Shivani Gosai practices Buddhism and this gives her inner peace. (Source) Celebrities who converted to Buddhism


37. Sambhaji Bhagat

Buddhist Celebrities in India
The Indian Express

Sambhaji Bhagat (born 1959) is a famous singer from Maharashtra. He has left his mark on the Ambedkarite movement on more than one level. He has performed many social reform programs in Maharashtra. His songs are also sung in some dialects of Marathi. His books are used for study at the universities. He has given many lectures for the propagation of folk art. buddhist celebrities in india


38. Sayli Kamble

Sayli Kamble (born 1997) ) is a Marathi singer. She has participated in several music reality shows, including making her debut with Star Plus’ kids singing reality TV show Amul Voice of India – Mummy Ke Superstar. Sayali did another show Gaurav Maharashtra and also appeared in Star Plus and ATV Marathi singing shows. Sayali Kamble was born in a middle class Buddhist family in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


39. Nakuul Mehta

Nakuul Mehta - buddhist celebriy

Nakuul Mehta  (born 1983) is an Indian television actor known for portraying Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaaz, Aditya Harish Kumar in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara and Sumer Singh Dhillon in Never Kiss Your Best Friend. He is a practising Buddhist and a follower of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?” In response to asking this question, he said that, … Actually, I chant in the morning. I am a practising Buddhist and a follower of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. That’s how I like an ideal day to start, unless I am really late. (sources1, 2) buddhist celebrities in india


40. Poonam Bajwa

buddhist actors in marathi

Poonam Bajwa (born 1985) is an Indian film actress and model who appears in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films. She made her acting debut in 2005 with the Telugu film Modati Cinema, after that she was featured in more Telugu film, such as Boss (2006). Her debut Tamil movie was Seval (2008). She practices Buddhism. Shraddha Das (#15) has revealed that another bubbly beauty Poonam Bajwa has introduced her to Buddhism. (sources – 1, 2)


41. Ravi Dubey

Buddhist celebrity Ravi Dubey
Getty Images

Ravi Dubey (born 1983) is an Indian actor. He began his acting career in 2006 with a parallel leading role in the DD National TV show Stree Teri Kahaani. He a follower of Buddhism. Ravi said, “I started following it (Buddhism) when I was going through a very rough patch in my life and I wanted some understanding of the chaos that was going on in one’s life. I wanted to align myself and feel better about myself. So, when things went out of control, I started chanting at that time.(sources – 1, 2, 3) buddhist celebrities in india


42. Ratan Rajput

buddhist actress Ratan Rajput
Getty Images

Ratan Rajput (born 1987) is an Indian television actress known for her portrayal of Laali in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo,  Amba in Mahabharat & Santoshi in Santoshi Maa. She is an avid Nichiren Buddhist. (sources – 1, 2)


43. Abhijeet Kosambi


Abhijeet Kosambi (born 1982) is a Playback singer and Marathi Saregamapa winner. He won the honor of being the first ‘Mahagayak’ of the competition by winning the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa music competition on the television channel Zee Marathi in 2007. He comes from a Marathi Buddhist family in Maharashtra. Celebrities who converted to Buddhism


44. Devika Punjabi

Devika Shahani Punjabi

Devika Punjabi is an Indian actress, known for Inteqam: The Perfect Game (2004) and Turning 30!!! (2011). She practices Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. (sources1, 2)


45. Nagraj Manjule

Nagraj Manjule

Nagraj Popatrao Manjule (born 1978) is an Indian film director, actor, producer, scriptwriter, poet, screenwriter, filmmaker and he works in the Marathi Cinema, best known for his Marathi film Sairat, short-film Pistulya for which he received National Film Award in Non-Feature Film category. He is strongly inspired by B. R. Ambedkar. He believes in the ideas of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and the teachings of Buddhism.


46. Alankrita Shrivastava


Alankrita Shrivastava (born 1979) is an Indian screenwriter and director. Having made her debut as a director in 2011, she has since won such accolades as the Films de Femmes Grand Prix and a nomination for a Filmfare award. She was 21 when she started practising Buddhism. (Sources – 1,  2)


47. Vitthal Umap

buddhist singer

Vitthal Umap (1931 – 2010) was an Indian folk singer, actor, shahir and social worker from Maharashtra state. Umap was an Ambedkarite and Buddhist. To illustrate Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s philosophy to the people, he wrote the song-books “Mazi Vani Bhimacharani” and “Mazi Aai Bhimai”. He was born in a Koli family but influenced by the thoughts of Lord Buddha and Babasaheb Ambedkar, he embraced Buddhism.



48. Malvika Raj

Malvika Raj – Facebook

Malvika Raj (born 1990) is an Indian artist and fashion designer. His paintings are inspired by Madhubani style of art which is an ancient art practiced in North Bihar. His paintings stem from his Nautic style where the center subject is the influence of the Buddha, his life and teachings, and his insights from the post-Buddha period.

Malavika is an Ambedkarite Buddhist artist who completed her fashion designing from North India Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali, Chandigarh. As a Dalit, she has used art to express her experiences with caste-based discrimination in India, and uses traditional techniques to express themes relating to Dalit identity and the Buddhist religion.


49. Pa. Ranjith


Pa. Ranjith (born 1982) is an Indian director and filmmaker who makes Tamil language films. He made his directorial debut with the 2012 romantic comedy Attakathi, before earning unanimously positive reviews for his second film, the political drama Madras (2014). In 2016, he wrote and directed the gangster-drama Kabali and in 2018, Kaala both starring Rajinikanth. In 2021, he directed Sarpatta Parambarai, which was well received by both critics and audiences. He is inspired by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.


50. Prahlad Shinde

Bol Bhidu

Prahlad Bhagvanrao Shinde (1933 – 2004) was a Marathi singer from Maharashtra. He was famous for devotional songs, Ambedkarite songs, and Qawwalis. Singers Anand Shinde and Milind Shinde are his sons. Adarsh Shinde, son of Anand, is his grandson. The Shinde family is influenced by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and follows Buddhism. buddhist celebrities in india

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